Thursday, March 27, 2008

Six Apart's Vox discussed further,2817,2037244,00.asp It's another home run from the folks at Six Apart. First, husband and wife team Ben and Mena Trott gave us Moveable Type, a blog publisher that businesses and hard-core Net freaks can run from their own Web servers. Then came TypePad, a hosted publisher that bloggers can run from a browser. And now they've unveiled Vox, a hosted blogging site for people who, well, wouldn't ordinarily be bloggers. Vox makes it wonderfully easy to post a (very good-looking) blog, and it gives you complete control over who can read it and who can't.Traditionally, blogs are meant to be read by the world at large. But not everyone wants their personal lives scattered to the four winds. Vox is for those more interested in sharing their thoughts—not to mention photos, videos, and songs—with friends and family. And with Six Apart pulling the strings, you know it's a clever service. In fact, it's more clever even than TypePad. Vox started out as an update to TypePad, but then it morphed into something for a very different kind of audience.

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